Basketball – Ohio State’s Kaleb Wesson, Keyshawn Woods Dominate in First-Round Win Over Iowa State

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Basketball – Ohio State’s Kaleb Wesson, Keyshawn Woods Dominate in First-Round Win Over Iowa State – 32. Number 32 and number 34 are heroes of March Madness, two digits apart on the Ohio State List, two points apart at Slawfest against Iowa State, and the winner of the NCAA tournament on a bright press conference platform. Right, No. 32, Keyshawn Woods and No. 34, Kaleb Wesson, are the last two players who have just come out of the BOK Center field after stupefying a home full of Iowa State fans by beating their sixth cyclone, 62-59, in a couple of appearances had forever been rooted in their memories.

Woods, a senior, and Wesson, a sophomore, joined for 40 points and they wanted the eleven seeded Buckeyes to become the eleventh seed and have a win with a series of brilliant actions in the last five minutes of a close match. Let’s start in reverse order, right? Wesson had missed the final rebound of the game after a free throw and Woods got the last point of the game – two free throws – some time ago.

Wesson, the 6’9-inch frame, weighs 270 damn, plays an aggressive defense on the edge, so that he achieved a turnover 90 seconds before the end, which brings him two free throws at the other end. Woods recorded three digits at 2:40, 25 seconds after making a spooky strike to regain the superiority of the state of Ohio, which would never lose.

And now they are here, a bright light on their happy faces when a small group of reporters stood in front of them and their trainer Chris Holtmann was sitting to their left. “It’s a game of the Pope,” said Holtmann, who eventually won the leadership team in the 10th NCAA Tournament Game.

He lost four times as No. 6 vs. 1, 3 No. 9 vs. 1 No. 4 vs 1 and No. 5 vs 4. In this game, 11 beats No. 6 and not only No. 6. Last time, the state of Iowa (23-12) has won the trophy for the Big 12 after he won Kansas had defeated. Meanwhile, the Buckeyes of Holtmann (20-14) have made Sunday Selection one of the last half-dozen teams to receive a great deal.

“This confirms the decision of the committee,” Holtmann said late Friday. “We feel we have a very strong body and our people got it, and I think [Iowa State] is considered the highest of the six possible seeds.

This feels like a home game for Typhoon. Thousands of yellow and red fans enter the BOK Center in downtown Tulsa. Several hundred Buckeyes fans making drives must see their team play endless aggressive defenses.

This performance can be combined with the two seeded # 3 on this side: Texas Tech and Houston, both in the top eight in the defense class. How good is it? The typhoon did not make buckets for consecutive runs that lasted 9 minutes and 47 seconds – nearly a quarter of the campus basketball games. Their 17-13 lead 11-12 in the first round faded due to the drought and even coach Steve Prohm was stunned on the bench. “I saw one of the assistants and said,” Oh my God, we will not score forever, “said Prohm.

The coach blamed the selection of punches, ball movements and the distance of his own team. Cyclones had become “stagnant” before he praised the pressure of others. “We were really detained for 10 minutes,” said Woods, who relocated the Wake Forest graduates. With glowing hands, the players of the state of Ohio created a fence between the opposition and the circle.

“They do a good job of gagging us, you hear them say iku Elbow! Elbow!” Prohm said, “It’s not a great offensive night.”

During their nearly 10-minute drought, the Prohm team lost nine shots and fell into the 26-20 hole, where they played for only 3 minutes and still 30 seconds were in the game. They were 54-53 in front of No. 32 and No. 34 continue their game at the end of the game. Maybe it’s not magic – maybe it’s an effort.

Wesson dominated the double seat all night, beating anyone Prohm had against him. He “forced himself,” as Holtmann said. “It’s very important that this happens throughout the game.” The impressive portion never stopped and culminated with about six minutes left in the middle of a game in Iowa State. The Buckeyes won three offensive boards in a row – they won 12 out of six states in Iowa – and the latter found Wesson’s hand beating the iron, fouling and making both free throws.

“I was forced to prepare because my coach and teammate prepared me hard every day in training,” Wesson said. “You encouraged me to finish the shot, and if you have it, Korb makes it easy.

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